NPPONational Plant Protection Organization
NPPONASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Parts Project Office
NPPONational Public Procurement Office
NPPONon-Project Procurement Organisation (UK)
NPPONavy Program Planning Office
NPPONavy Publications & Printing Office
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4 yr) treated with a cycle of NPPO of "active" REAC-CRM, and Group B comprised 200 subjects (control group) (136 females, average age 42.
The NPPO auricular therapy protocol was used to manage and optimize these modifications (17-21).
After 18 sessions of NPPO with the active REAC-CRM (group A) and the inactive REAC-CRM (group B), the PSM test was repeated (t1).
Recently Collodel et al (17) suggested that NPPO therapy with REAC-CRM treatment may realize a general improvement in spermatogenetic condition, as demonstrated with sophisticated tools such as TEM and FISH, in males with idiopathic infertility.
The results of this study showed that NPPO therapy with REAC-CRM could reduce subjective perceptions of stress measured with the PSM psychometric test and in particular the symptoms of stress-related anxiety and depression.
This research highlights the efficacy of NPPO with REAC-CRM therapy on anxious-depressive scale only in non psychiatric subjects; these conditions represent the most comprehensive mental suffering in the general population.