NRMPNational Resident Matching Program
NRMPNatural Resource Management Program
NRMPNatural Resource Monitoring Partnership (USGS)
NRMPNational Records Management Program (US EPA)
NRMPNaval Radioactive Materials Permit
NRMPNon-Reversible Motor Pump
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One trend that stood out for NRMP President and CEO Mona Signer was the decline in both U.
Since 2012, the number of psychiatry positions has increased 378, or 34%, and the number of positions filled by allopathic seniors increased by 307," the NRMP reported.
Nevertheless, there seems to be room for a happy medium between the old, "unregulated system and the current, richly regulated NRMP.
The NRMP is a private, not for profit corporation whose mission is to match medical students to graduate medical education training programs through a mathematical algorithm.
Specific programs with distinct NRMP match numbers can be developed to allow for a unique set of candidates to express interest in a career in management from the start of residency.
Research on the NRMP algorithm was a basis for awarding the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics.
Although the NRMP allows a program to voluntarily reduce the number of residency slots available for the matching process, I personally recommend minimizing the pre-match process.
According to Newhall Land officials, the NRMP is already adequate and no further protection is needed for the arroyo toad.
The output, then, has to be marketed profitably [AKRSP (1984, 1999); Khan and Hussain (1984); NRMP (1993); LIFE (1998)].
medical school graduates, the NRMP announced March 18.
The land use plan as amended by the NRMP is the primary comprehensive planning document for the political jurisdiction.