NRMSIRNationally Recognized Municipal Securities Information Respository
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Instead of mailing numerous hard copies to each NRMSIR and any applicable SID, issuers, obligors, and dissemination agents may now file all of their disclosure documents through the Central Post Office.
1) NRMSIRs are private information services approved by the SEC that may charge users for receiving the information, but may not charge issuers for the right to submit information.
The municipality would also have to agree to disclose any material events to either the NRMSIRs or the MSRB, as well as the state depository.
Mandate municipal disclosure of material events to each of the NRMSIRs or to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, and to any depository in the state where the bonds were issued.
Following several groups' recommendations, the county is attaching a cover letter with all CUSIP numbers to any information submitted to NRMSIRs.