NRTANational Retired Teachers Association
NRTANantucket Regional Transit Authority (Massachusetts)
NRTANational Retail Tenants Association
NRTANatural Resources Transfer Agreement (Canada)
NRTANaval Recruiting and Training Agency (UK MoD)
NRTANorthwest Regional Transmission Association
NRTANational Rural Telecom Association
NRTANational Rat Terrier Association
NRTAnear-real-time accountancy
NRTANational Research and Technology Audit
NRTANorthern Real Time Applications
NRTANorth Rockland Teachers Association
NRTANational Recreation Trails Act
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219) In reaching the conclusion that the term "Indians" used in the NRTA did not include Metis (as the accused was), the Court relied entirely on the historical understanding and situation of the Metis as distinct from status Indians, rather than how that term may be used today.
Aboriginal title and Aboriginal rights to water, to the extent that they were unextinguished, are clearly interests "other than that of the Crown" and thus protected from extinguishment under Clause 1 of the NRTA.
Blais' opinion of the language or objectives of the NRTA is relevant to the Court's consideration of how to best interpret the NRTA.
Prototypical effects of the categories on the thought presentation scale [N] NI NRTA IT [left arrow] "Distance," calmness, etc.
In Blais, the court ruled that while the NRTA allowed "Indians" to hunt on vacant Crown land, the argument that Metis people should be considered as "Indians" for the purpose of this law was going too far.
NATLA and the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA) coauthored a document: Teaching About Aging: Enriching Lives Across the Lifespan (NATLA & NRTA, 1998).
The brochure stated that NRTA and its local chapters were affiliated with several organizations, including the NEA, so Maio joined.
The following scope of work outlines the tasks associated with the NRTA s desire to determine the feasibility of year round public transit service.
Where consultation is required on land and resource issues relating to an infringement of an existing treaty, NRTA or other constitutional right, it is the Government of Alberta's role to consult affected Aboriginal people.
The NRTA was signed between the federal and provincial governments in the 1930s without First Nations input, giving the province legal jurisdiction over resources.
Indeed, as many who have studied the NRTA have observed, these agreements have been sorely overlooked in Canadian history books.