NSAMNational Security Action Memorandum
NSAMNational Survey of Adolescent Males
NSAMNational Skills Academy for Manufacturing (UK)
NSAMNomura School of Advanced Management (Japan)
NSAMNaval Support Activity Mid-South
NSAMNaval School of Aviation Medicine (Pensacola, FL)
NSAMNorth and South America
NSAMNatural Sciences and Mathematics (Fisk University; Nashville, TN)
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The common stock of NSAM, which will be renamed Colony NorthStar, Inc.
Litt, who heads investment manager Land and Buildings, contends that NSAM is the "crown jewel" of the merger.
NSAM and IMR simply determine the difference between color and intensity between two images, respectively.
NSAM 58, 30 June 1961, JFKL, M&M/NSF/330/NSAM 58; for Kissinger's chairmanship of the subcommittee, see Honore Catudal, Kennedy and the Berlin Wall Crisis: A Case Study in U.
By tracing membership stability in and shifts among risk groups as young men move from adolescence into early adulthood, we take full advantage of the longitudinal nature of NSAM.
On appeal, lodged by WADA in relation to a 6-month suspension, CAS set aside the decision the NSAM and imposed upon the three shooters a two-year suspension.
This single sentence in NSAM 343 guaranteed that he was an autonomous instrument of the chief executive and Commander-in-Chief.
An air campaign alone could not achieve the stated national objective set forth by NSAM 288, of "a stable and independent noncommunist government," (34) in South Vietnam.
The NSAM was designed, in part, to collect detailed information related to young men's condom use, such as the number of times an individual had had sexual intercourse in the previous 12 months and the number of condoms he had used during that period.
Findings from a previous analysis based on the 1988 NSAM support an association between a socioeconomic and a reproductive underclass.
Note: The National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG) and the NSAM (National Survey of Adolescent Males) do not survey youth under age 15.
However, NSAM 263 was not incontrovertible, and the President made other contingency plans to increase U.