NSBRNova Scotia Business Registry (Canada)
NSBRNational Shiloh Breeder's Registry (dogs)
NSBRNational Small Boat Register (Advisory Committee on National Historic Ships; UK)
NSBRNon-Specific Bronchial Reactivity
NSBRNon-Specific Bronchial Responsiveness
NSBRNot Scrap Book Related
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Despite the adversity that its athletes experience, NSBR has flourished in the boathouse and on the water.
Working within North Baton Rouge''s newly created Achievement Zone, where 65 percent of students are currently performing below grade-level, NSBR hopes to improve student achievement through use of scale proven educator talent pipelines and investment in education support organizations.
NSBR believes that rowing transforms lives, builds camaraderie between team members, rewards hard work and perseverance, and creates countless opportunities for students who may never have another like it.