NSCTNational Strategy for Combating Terrorism
NSCTNaval Special Clearance Team (US Navy mine countermeasures)
NSCTNational Sea Change Taskforce (Australia)
NSCTNaval Security Coordination Team (US Navy name for the group Red Cell)
NSCTNational Science Council of Taiwan
NSCTNon-Stationary Charge Transport
NSCTNational Student Center of Thailand (est. 1972)
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NSCT removes the subsampling sections in two-level implementations of Contourlet transform and is made up of Nonsubsampled Pyramid (NSP) and Nonsubsampled Directional Filter Bank (NSDFB) (See Figure 3).
Therefore, NSCT can be completely reconstructed [15].
A comparison of these 851 genes with the 185 genes in the NSCT revealed 125 genes in common with a high level of concordance (P < 0.
We have also found that many NSCT transcripts contain a sequence motif with a common AU-rich element (ARE), which typically recruits ARE-binding proteins to control transcript stability (19-21).
39) An international MCM force comprising Royal Australian Navy and Royal Navy explosive-ordnance-demolition and mine countermeasures specialists and American NSCT 1 divers, aided by marine mammals and UUVs, cleared some nine hundred square miles to enable the landing ship RFA Galahad to deliver much-needed humanitarian-relief supplies at the outset of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.
The NSCT specifically addresses UNSCR 1373, "which imposes binding obligations on all states to suppress and prevent terrorist financing, improve their border controls, enhance information sharing and law enforcement cooperation, suppress the recruitment of terrorists, and deny them sanctuary.
For these genes, analysis of the number of NSCTs found in each site revealed 183 NSCTs in the whole saliva; 184, 132, and 76 NSCTs in the parotid, submandibular, and sublingual saliva, respectively; 163 NSCTs in the oral epithelial cells; and 162 NSCT in the GCF.
6] Nonstandard abbreviations: RT-qPCR, reverse transcription-quantitative PCR; GCF, gingival crevice fluid; h[beta]- and m[beta]-actin, human-specific and mouse-specific [beta]-actin, respectively; and NSCT, normal salivary core transcriptome.
NSCT is an affiliate of NorthShore Asset Management, with offices in New York, Chicago and Darien, CT.
in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, and a post-graduate degree in Software Technology from NSCT, Bombay, India.