NSCWPNational Study of Coal Workers' Pneumoconiosis
NSCWPNon-Shock Cold Working Pressure (safety rating)
NSCWPNorth South Carrier Water Project (Botswana)
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Table 2 shows the average levels of BAI (mmol/100 g dry coal) from seven states with corresponding CWP prevalence reported in the first NSCWP (Morgan et al.
Because CWP prevalence was much higher in the first round of the NSCWP (Morgan et al.
Other limits of the present study are a) noninclusion of anthracite coals for the correlation study but use of only bituminous coals, which restricts the usefulness of comparing BM with coal rank or extrapolation to anthracite coals; b) incomplete coal samples from all states as in the first NSCWP (Morgan et al.