NSDAPNationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NAZI Party)
NSDAPNova Scotia Diabetes Assistance Program (Department of Health; Canada)
NSDAPNew School of Design Art and Performance
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In July 1933, less than 5 months from the emergency degree, all political parties other than the NSDAP were banned.
The recognition of women's role within German society of the Third Reich, and its reflection within NSDAP party policy, was based on the same biologically motivated core ideas which inspired fascist ideology on racism and anti-Semitism, i.
The break began when Hitler aligned the NSDAP with other volkisch groups in the Kampfbund (led by Erich Ludendorft) in preparation for the Beerhall Putsch.
Thus, as an adult, Posenenske was disturbed, to say the least, by revelations about the support for National Socialism by still-extant corporations and by the 1966 election of a former leading member of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party), Kurt Georg Kiesinger, as West German chancellor.
Though the Health Department was under Nazi influence, Frau Ziegert initially felt no pressure to join the NSDAP or to be active politically.
29) Mayer as local Bund president felt obligated to send his children to the German program to insure that they had proper NSDAP instruction and pulled some strings to have his son admitted for a whole year.
34) However, in the quarrel of competencies among the NSDAP, the Reich Youth Leadership, the Fighter Staff, the Luftwaffe, competing ministries, and other institutions, the NS Flying Corps saw the pre-training of Luftwaffe recruits in gliding as an opportunity to prove its raison d'etre, and to gain significance within the framework of the German war effort.
The German NSDAP was supported by unemployed war veterans, small town business owners, big industrialists, as well as Prussian Junkers.
And Hitler was still a fringe member of a beer hall debating society in Munich, although by the end of the year he would give his maiden speech, as the German Workers' Party changed its name to Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP, called Nazi for short.
Once the NSDAP came to power, the priest was abandoned by Nazi officials, who had no more use for his PR value.
In the former GDR all judges being members of the NSDAP and finally all middle-class judges were removed at the same time and replaced by rapidly educated "judges of the people".
The plate mimics NSDAP, the initials of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.