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Telcordia(R) Customer Centrex Manager CE Telcordia(R) Element Communicator CE Telcordia(R) FEPS CE Telcordia(R) FOMS CE Telcordia(R) LEIS(TM) CE Telcordia(R) LFACS CE Telcordia(R) Integrated Testing & Analysis System CE Telcordia(R) MARCH(R) CE Telcordia(R) Transport Element Activation Manager CE Telcordia(R) Network Performance Monitor CE Telcordia(R) NMA(R) CE Telcordia(R) NSDB CE Telcordia(R) PAWS CE Telcordia(R) PICS CE Telcordia(R) SOAC CE Telcordia(R) SWITCH(R) CE Telcordia(R) TIRKS(R) CE Telcordia(R) WFA CE
Internet Photonics involvement in the Telcordia(TM) Generic Feature Development Services (GFDS) program's Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) feature for the Telcordia(TM) TIRKS, Telcordia(TM) NSDB, Telcordia(TM) WFA, Telcordia(TM) Transport Element Activation Manager and Telcordia(TM) NMA OSSs will help enable carriers to model, provision and manage next-generation Ethernet service deployments by using DWDM over their existing SONET network infrastructures.
In that capacity he was responsible for Bellcore's major product line, MediaVantage(TM), as well as other products central to the reliability of the nation's public switch network, including SOAC, LFACS(TM), TIRKS(R) system, SWITCH(R) system, NSDB, the WFA product family, PAWS, COSMOS and PREMIS.