NSDDNational Security Decision Directive
NSDDNATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Standardization Document Database
NSDDNuclear Structure and Decay Data (International Atomic Energy Agency)
NSDDNetwork Security Design Document
NSDDNon-Scatter Density Dependent
NSDDNon-Shakespearian Drama Database (collaborative project)
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As of the end of FY15, NSDD has deployed radiation detection equipment at more than 140 seaports worldwide, including at over forty large container seaports.
Briefly, a case group was composed of rabbits whose death were caused by NSDD from 28 to 84 d of age.
NLRP12 mRNA expression and association with NSDD were subsequently investigated.
NSDD 66 (1982) -- Cut off access to Western technology and reduce the USSR's hard currency earnings.
PDD 62, Combating Terrorism, was the successor to NSDD 138, which determined that the threat of terrorism constitutes a form of aggression and justifies acts in self-defense.
The National Policy on the Transfer of Scientific, Technical, and Engineering Information, or NSDD 189, generally provides that products of fundamental research are to continue to be unrestricted.
administration official has been able to define adequately "how much evidence is enough," the demand for probative, or court-sustainable, evidence affirming the complicity of a specific sponsoring state is an impractical standard that contributed to the impression--prior to the articulation of NSDD 138--that the United States was inhibited from responding meaningfully to terrorist outrages.
NSDD automates the exporting and importing of an organization's master QuickMail NameServer data across the Local Area Network (LAN) to other QuickMail NameServers.
President Ronald Reagan designated his directives as National Security Decision Directives (NSDDs) and National Security Study Memoranda (NSSM) in NSDD 1 (February 25, 1981).
NSDD 75 called for "active efforts" to help "democratic movements and forces" effect political change in developing nations that had aligned with Moscow.
To have put out a{n} NSDD {National Security Decision Directive}, and to have gone to the Congress and held hearings on whether or not we ought to restore relations with China might have evoked some interesting debate, but it would have killed any notion that we really could do it.
If the issue was serious enough to merit a specific presidential guideline, a directive (PD, NSDD, or NSD) was drawn up by the APNSA for the president to sign, providing official presidential guidance on the policy.