NSDDNational Security Decision Directive
NSDDNATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Standardization Document Database
NSDDNuclear Structure and Decay Data (International Atomic Energy Agency)
NSDDNetwork Security Design Document
NSDDNon-Scatter Density Dependent
NSDDNon-Shakespearian Drama Database (collaborative project)
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The scope of NSDD 145 was further broadened over the following years to encompass a range of "sensitive information" that might affect federal interests.
Briefly, a case group was composed of rabbits whose death were caused by NSDD from 28 to 84 d of age.
administration official, past or present, has been able to define adequately, "how much evidence is enough," the demand for probative or court-sustainable evidence affirming the complicity of a specific sponsoring state is an impractical standard that contributed to the impression--prior to the articulation of NSDD 138 in 1984--that the United States was inhibited from responding meaningfully to terrorist outrages.
NSDD 66 (1982) -- Cut off access to Western technology and reduce the USSR's hard currency earnings.
The presidential directive NSDD 298 did not address feedback or periodic review of the effectiveness of countermeasures.
Accordingly, Reagan signed NSDD [National Security Decision Directive) 138, designating twenty-six different Federal departments, agencies and bureaus to come up with recommendations on how to stop terrorism.
Dan Batrack, Tetra Techs Chairman and CEO said: Tetra Tech has provided engineering design and installation services to the NSDD office since 2002.
20) Although NSDD 138 remains classified to this day, National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane suggested at the Defense Strategy Forum on March 25, 1985, that it includes the following key elements:
A string of National Security Decision Directives (especially NSDD 75) outlined his intent to roll back the Soviet empire and even change the Soviet Union itself.
The National Policy on the Transfer of Scientific, Technical, and Engineering Information, NSDD 189 There has been a longstanding tension between the perceived need to protect national security through the control of technical information while at the same time providing an environment that allows for free and open scientific discourse to take place to advance scientific knowledge.
National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice affirmed the administration's commitment to NSDD 189 in a November 2001 letter.
In the words of former Defense Department official Noel Koch, President Reagan's NSDD 138, issued April 3, 1984, (31) "represent[ed] a quantum leap in countering terrorism, from the reactive mode to recognition that pro-active steps [were] needed.