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NSDINetworked Systems Design and Implementation (symposium)
NSDINational Spatial Data Infrastructure (US)
NSDINational Self-Defense Institute (Miami Beach, Florida)
NSDINational Strategy for Development and Integration (Albania)
NSDINorth Star Digital Imaging
NSDINigerian Software Development Initiative
NSDINormalized Snow Difference Index
NSDINational Sleep Dynamics, Inc.
NSDINew Style Discovery International Co., Ltd (Japan)
NSDINorthstate Drywall, Inc. (Garner, NC)
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The NSDI Technical committee is tasked with the review of technical specifications and standards of the Sultanate's Spatial Data Infrastructure with the objectives of ensuring the quality of data sharing, and supervising the implementation of data-sharing mechanism in the respective domains.
The second phase of the project was mainly to focus on the implementation with more emphasis on building technological infrastructure (hardware and software) and the development of NGCC working groups including formulation of a National SDI Policy--to guide implementation of the NSDI, Capacity building and awareness, Infrastructure--Procurement of Hard/Software, networks and Site License--Enterprise License Agreement, software maintenance and support.
The results of the 2000 survey showed that all countries had engaged in discussions to determine the need for a NSDI, but only 4 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean had established a legal authority to support the development of NSDI's (Figure 1); these countries are Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.
The NSDI is defined as the technologies, policies, and people necessary to promote sharing of geospatial data throughout all levels of government, the private and nonprofit sectors, and the academic community.
The centerpiece of an NSDI is called a clearinghouse.
Users can select any set of clearinghouse nodes, or all nodes, to be searched simultaneously at the NSDI Geospatial Data Clearinghouse Gateway Site at http://130.
In addition to standards-setting work, the NSDI plan addresses the capacity of agencies to collect and use geospatial data; it even suggests the creation of a "national spatial data clearinghouse.
Korea is ready to become a testbed for large-scale, interoperable GeoWeb services and intelligent cities with ubiquitous geospatial information services, based on widely available broadband network, numerous early adaptors, and strong demands in NSDI developments in the government sectors.
A series of SDI-related events have occurred in Rwanda, the first being the national workshop in 2006 to kick-start the NSDI process.
E-Government for e-Citizens -- NSDI as tools in good governance examples from eNorway and Norway digital.
Computer scientists at UC San Diego and Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington and Cambridge, UK collaborated on this project and the NSDI 2009 paper, "Somniloquy: Augmenting Network Interfaces to Reduce PC Energy Usage.
But, as mentioned in section 1, it is an important requirement for the realization of NSDI as well as the GSDI.