NSDLNational Science Digital Library
NSDLNational Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Digital Library
NSDLNova Scotia Drama League (est. 1951; Canada)
NSDLNational Securities Depository Limited, India
NSDLNova Scotia Department of Labour (Canada)
NSDLNon Secure Data Link
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The main purpose of sleep is to ensure wakefulness during the day,' explains Picar, a neurologist, sleep specialist and codirector of NSDL.
Similarly, a new Aadhaar e- Signaturebased application process for individual PAN applicants has been made available on the portals of PAN service providers M/ s NSDL eGov.
NSDL has two other tools of specific interest to educators.
NSDL es un programa de la Fundacion Nacional de Ciencias (National Science Foundation) (NSF) de los Estados Unidos.
System z servers is making considerable inroads in India with clients including ELCOT, RBI, Global SMSC, HDFC Bank, Bajaj Allianz, NSDL, deriving the power of IBM Mainframes in the country.
Milan added: "Within 15 days the Pan (Permanent Account Number) will be allotted by NSDL and in another 2-3 days they will despatch the Pan card to the applicants' communication address as mentioned in the application form through EMS speed post, direct from NSDL-India.
IOB also offers loan syndication and merchant banking services, credit cards, and is a depository participant with NSDL.
Large distributors of mutual funds are now goading clients to hand over their paper certificates to NSDL, India s largest depository, and hold them in electronic form instead.
The POP and NSDL get a transaction-based fee while the pension fund managers get a fee that's 0.
Most importantly, the NSDL has continually contributed to the USDA mission, its founding/funding agency, and has tremendous impact on U.
As part of the National Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Digital Library (NSDL), the project includes NSDL Scout Reports and a Scout Portal Toolkit.