NSDRNational Stock Dog Registry (Australian shepherd pedigrees)
NSDRNational Staff Dismissal Register (UK)
NSDRNetworked Systems for Developing Regions (ACM Workshop)
NSDRNational Silver Dollar Roundtable (coin collecting organization)
NSDRNational Sectretariat for Disaster Reduction
NSDRNihon Shakaijin Dance Renmei (Japan Adult Dance Federation)
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The use of recycled material did not incur additional capital or maintenance expenditure for the NSDR project; however, it did result in direct cost savings in construction costs, carbon emissions, avoiding landfill costs and health benefits from reduced emissions of PM10 (particles measuring 10 mm or less).
The Concessioners' outstanding eco-friendly performance and drive to promote environmental best practice throughout the whole project cycles in the NSDR and A92 PFI road projects gave a series of successes at sustainability awards.
One of the key issues with the NSDR is that it will include details of workers who have only been accused of theft and dishonesty, regardless of whether they have been convicted of any crime or whether the police were ever contacted.
Once added to the NSDR it is likely that a worker's job prospects will be severely limited, even if they never committed the crime of which they were accused.