NSEADNational Society for Education in Art and Design
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Though women in the NSEAD Study did more than men, the "ownness" of children significantly impacted the engagement with childcare and both mothers and fathers in stepfamilies reported that they assumed greater responsibility for children who were not the children of the partner.
The college is signing an agreement with unions Unison, NUT, ATL, NASUWT and NSEAD to encourage all staff to participate in lifelong learning activities.
Some of the largest include NSEAD (National Society for Education through Art and Design, UK), USSEA, (United States Society for Education through Art), CSEA/SCEA (Canadian Society for Education through Art/Societe Canadienne D'Education Par L'Art), HKSEA (Hong Kong Society for Education through Art), KoSEA (Korean Society for Education through Art), TAEA (Taiwan Association for Education through the Arts) SCEA (Sociedad Chilena de Educacion por el Arte), AIAE (Australian Institute of Art Education) and many others.