NSEDPNational Socio-Economic Development Plan (Laos)
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The NSEDP correctly puts the development of human resources first, as strong education, skills, and health will allow people to participate in the growing Lao economy, said Kwakwa.
Component 1: UNDP has assisted the Government in broadening the consultation process and enhancing the quality of the formulation and implementation of the 7th NSEDP (2011-15).
To meet these key challenges, first, there is an added urgency to ensure that expenditure decisions are made in a multi-year context, as such a framework will not only account for the volatile nature and uncertainties associated with resource revenues, but will align expenditures to the priorities of the NSEDP and ensure that natural resources wealth is transformed into investments in public infrastructure, services, and belter health and educational outcomes for all, especially the poor.