NSEENational Society for Experiential Education (US)
NSEENanoscale Science and Engineering Education
NSEEN-Nitrososarcosine Ethyl Ester (carcinogen)
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As a result of community service and the spread of service-learning programs, the NSEE began to establish a set of "principles of good practice" in 1987.
After this conference Kendall & Associates published the classic three-volume set, Combining Service and Learning, under the auspices of the NSEE and in collaboration with ninety-one national and regional associations.
Clifford Akujobi and Robert Simmons, 'An Assessment of Elementary School Service-Learning Teaching Methods: Using Service-Learning Goals,' NSEE Quarterly, Winter 1997, pp.
These pages under-develop the relevant experience of the National Society for Internships and Experiential Education, now NSEE.
Early on, Berg actively participated in NSEE meetings and brought their consultants to campus, preparing Calvin for participation in Campus Compact's "legitimating" and informative 1992 summer institute.
In 1985, I attended my first NSEE conference and inherited a set of key mentors, only to discover that many of them, like myself, had not only gone to faith-based colleges and universities, but also had seminary educations, e.