NSEERNational Security Entry-Exit Registration
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discussing the NSEERS program's targeting of those originating from Arabian or Muslim countries, regardless of what passport they held).
The United States uses nationality as an immigration criterion in a broader sense--in admission decisions, as in the case of nonimmigrant visitors from states sponsoring terrorism, and in immigration enforcement, as in the case of the NSEERS regulations.
Of the 11 individuals with "ties related to terrorism" (or, as Kobach and his supporters sometimes put it, the "11 terrorists"), only 6 were NSEERS call-in registrants.
11) When Attorney General Ashcroft announced the NSEERS system, he also announced the unequivocal conclusion of the OLC: "[A]rresting aliens who have violated criminal provisions of [the INA] or civil provisions that render an alien deportable .
However, to date, individuals from more than 150 countries have been registered in the NSEERS program.
To date, Ashcroft appears devoted to NSEERS in spite of public criticism.
NSEERS was set up after the 9/11 terror attacks by the Bush Administration.
NSEERS provided the technological ability to scour our terrorist databases in real time and alert enforcement personnel to known terrorists or those affiliated with terrorists trying to gain entry into the United States.
It is designed to eventually replace NSEERS (the National Security Entry Exit Registration System), otherwise known as the "Special Registration" system.
amp;nbsp;"It was in effect for nearly a decade, but NSEERS didn't yield a single terrorism conviction.
Last week, the 25 countries were removed from the NSEERS program, however, there is still no clarification on what will happen to the cases that have already been placed in deportation proceedings.