NSELSNational Sports & Entertainment Law Society (United States)
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The interagency techniques presented in the NSELS course directly tie into my current duties," said participant Stephen Bucher, senior program manager at the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Created in 2006, NSELS is a no-cost course that brings together representatives from more than a dozen federal agencies for "whole of government" collaboration.
The evolving mix of NSELS participants reflects the Department's expanded sense of national security and its growing need to take a "whole of government" approach to finding solutions.
NSELS emphasizes learning and applying leadership skills in the interagency policy arena while building collaborative working relationships.
Through NSELS, we are helping to shape leaders that can work together on the increasingly complex challenges that cross agencies and national boundaries," said FSI Director Ruth Whiteside.
Course participants' comments indicate NSELS is bearing fruit.
Similarly, a participant from the Department of Justice credited NSELS for beginning a chain of events with the State Department that led to the Attorney General and the chairman of the African Union establishing a mechanism for dialogue to deliver more effective law enforcement cooperation throughout Africa.