NSEWNational Science and Engineering Week (British Science Association; UK)
NSEWNorth South East West
NSEWNervous System Energy Work (various locations)
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We have confidence in the NSEW program because it s objectives are clear.
This week, as part of NSEW, I visited Cardiff University's School of Biosciences, where researchers and students were holding events for local school children aimed at making science accessible and fun.
Residents could help bring the 200 square metre roof to the school by uploading photos of plants or animals they do not recognise from their gardens, parks or school grounds to the "What on Earth" website, where NSEW specialists will examine and catalogue the findings.
Test 1: Breakout Results, When using the through via only, it took seven routing layers to accomplish the NSEW breakout.
There are situations where a layer-biased approach can be more effective than NSEW.
Using an autorouter in these conditions makes sense; however, autorouters are biased and NSEW escapes are not compatible with layer-biased autorouting.
The style of the layer-biased escape routes in Figure 2 are similar to NSEW escapes in Figure 1 in that the direction of the escape route is independent of the netline direction.