NSFLNot Safe for Life
NSFLNova Scotia Federation of Labour (Nova Scotia, Canada)
NSFLNational Swine Fever Laboratory (various locations)
NSFLNot Safe for Lunch (website links; similar to NSFW)
NSFLNassau-Suffolk Football League (New York)
NSFLNational Swiss Football League (Switzerland)
NSFLNano Systems Fabrication Laboratory (Canada)
NSFLNorthwestern Students for Life
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Whereas the NTC plans elections in June, the NSFL wants them by the end of March for a constituent assembly that would draw up a new constitution.
The purpose of the NSFL is to investigate faculty's role in shared governance and to collect broad information about faculty leaders.
The ability of NSFL to improve sales and profitability margin and meet investment commitments in unrelated ventures without any deterioration in capital structure are the key rating sensitivities.