NSFPNorsk Selskap for Filosofisk Praksis (Norwegian: Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice; Oslo, Norway)
NSFPNot Safe for Parents
NSFPNIAC (NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Institute of Advanced Concepts) Student Fellows Prize
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Under the NSFP, the state will administer no less than 120 feeding sessions per public school for every school year.
Aside from its consultative and inter-departmental coordinative functions, the DepEd shall also administer the NSFP in coordination with concerned government institutions.
The NSFP involves a minimum of 120 feeding days per school year to be done five days a week.
It shall be the responsibility of the CFNC to formulate a school-based feeding and nutrition framework, oversee its review and evaluation, and may recommend the necessary refinements on the implementation of the NSFP.
The bill states that in case of shortage of funds, priority in the implementation of the NSFP shall be given to public kindergarten and elementary schools situated in municipalities and cities which are determined and identified by the NNC or by any competent government agency to have high malnutrition rates.
The engagement librarians worked with NSFP to schedule a time in the student schedule with no other conflicts where students could take a "library primer".
According to the normative resolutions of NSFP, menus must offer at least three servings of fruits and vegetables per week (200g schoolchild-1week-1).
One of Brazilian NSFP objectives is to contribute to formation of healthy eating habits of school children, through nutrition education actions (BRAZIL, 2013).
TEO & MONTEIRO (2012) suggest that the planning of the menus of NSFP should be performed taking into account different dimensions, such as the presence of basic and healthy food, belonging to local food culture, and from the family farm.