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NSHNational Show Horse
NSHNational Society for Histotechnology (Columbia, MD)
NSHNational Surgical Hospitals (Chicago, IL)
NSHNewell Simon Hall (Carnegie Mellon University)
NSHNetwork Shell
NSHNew Short-Arc High-Pressure (projector lamps)
NSHNational Secretariat on Homelessness (Canada)
NSHNorth Side Hospital (Johnson City, TN)
NSHNuStar Group Holdings (Texas)
NSHNorth South Highway (Malaysia)
NSHNot Sold Here
NSHNutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism (equine disease)
NSHNational Standards for History (National Center for History in the Schools; University of California, Los Angeles)
NSHNorth Shore Hikers (Canada)
NSHNiagara Secular Humanists (Canada)
NSHNon-powered Space Heater
NSHNeonatal Severe Hyperparathyroidism
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NSH is a portfolio company of Irving Place Capital (IPC), a New York, NY based private equity firm focused on buyout and growth capital investments across the middle market.
The business, subsequently renamed NSH (National Service Hub) was a service provider to Nokia.
The business, subsequently re-named NSH - National Service Hub - was a service provider to Nokia.
NSH Corporation has set up two companies in Australia as part of the geographic expansion -- NaSAH Australia Pty Ltd, and OGM Technical Institute Pty Ltd.
NSH started the RGP operations in July 2006 and has since been utilising its best abilities to bring the project to the best world-class standards, said Dr Pillai.
In addition, as a Director, he will continue to be involved in setting the strategic direction for NSH.
Aside from these, NSH will also have patients coming from outside the country, such as Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Africa and other places in the region.
NSH is also ensuring that we train, educate, and develop the skills of our workforce and this is what this centre is all about"
The project includes, as part of ongoing and future construction within NSH, perform the media supply, incl.
Installed by Ekahau partners AT&T and NetXperts, Ekahau RTLS uses NSH's Cisco Wireless LAN to enable 2,000 wearable Ekahau active RFID badges which instantly alert NSH police of staff duress emergencies and indicate the location and nature of the emergency, indoors and outdoors, throughout the sprawling campus.
Hopefully the gesture made by NSH will motivate every employer, engaging migrant workers in large numbers to award decent compensation," said the academic, who is actively involved in seeking a better deal for Asia's migrant workers as a representative of a human rights body.