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NSQIPNational Surgical Quality Improvement Program
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The George Washington University Hospital is honored to be the only ACS NSQIP hospital in the D.
As shown in Figure 1, STS collects 121 variables (59 preoperative, 45 intraoperative, and 17 postoperative), whereas NSQIP captures 75 variables (46 preoperative, 4 intraoperative, and 25 postoperative).
Englesbe said that the high quality of the prospectively collected NSQIP data made it clear that the July/August group and those having surgery later were evenly matched in virtually all key respects, including comorbidities, demographics, case complexity as measured by relative-value units, and need for emergent surgery.
Using the CSHA-FI, 11 variables including diabetes, heart disease, prior surgery, hypertension, vascular disease and stroke were matched to NSQIP to create a modified frailty index.
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the criterion validity of surgical PSIs that match NSQIP adverse events.
The conference will also assist hospitals in managing, analyzing and interpreting ACS NSQIP data by providing education on proven methods that will empower hospitals to make a positive impact at their facility.
ACS NSQIP is unique from other quality programs because it uses risk- and procedure mix-adjusted data that are taken from the patient's medical chart, not insurance claims, and is based on 30-day patient outcomes.
Successful Strategies for Prevention of Bariatric and Colectomy Surgical Site Infections: The Authority and Pennsylvania hospitals participating in the American College of Surgeons (ACS) National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) entered into a joint quality improvement collaboration to reduce surgical site infections (SSIs) among Pennsylvania NSQIP member hospitals and to share successful strategies and lessons learned with other Pennsylvania hospitals.
ACS NSQIP is unique from other quality programs because it uses risk- and procedure mix-adjusted data taken from the patient's medical chart-not insurance claims-and is based on 30-day patient outcomes.
We know through published data and countless anecdotes that quality improvement programs, like ACS NSQIP, improve patient care and save valuable health care dollars," said David B.
Colleen Desai, MSN, RN, CEN, trauma program manager, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center; president-elect, Connecticut Emergency Nurses Association "At Saint Francis, we rely on quality programs like ACS NSQIP and the ACS Trauma Quality Improvement Program (TQIP) to tell us exactly how we're doing in key areas so we know what we need to improve on.
Journal of American College of Surgeons study shows ACS NSQIP data is a highly viable-and possibly the only-source for data on potentially preventable postoperative hospital readmissions