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NSVNet Sales Value
NSVNullsoft Streaming Video
NSVNon-Scale Victory (weight loss forums)
NSVNational Security Vetting (UK)
NSVNational Sozialistische Volkswohlfahrt (German)
NSVNode Support Vehicle
NSVNetted Secure Voice
NSVNormalized Standard Variance
NSVNonsynonymous Variant (variation in genomic sequence)
NSVNon-Stryker Vehicle (US DoD)
NSVNutrition Sport Vitality (UK personal training)
NSVNational Survey of Veterans (US VA)
NSVNew Southern View (online magazine; Mississippi)
NSVNetwork Services (UNC Greensboro)
NSVNo-Scalpel Vasectomy (Chinese puncture technique)
NSVNominal System Voltage (electrical management)
NSVNationalistische Studentenvereniging (Belgium)
NSVNoise Shaped Video (Sony)
NSVNon-Segmental Vitiligo (skin disorder)
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Eesti NSV Kultuuriministeeriumi Kunstide Peavalitsus, Eesti NSV Rahvaloomingu Maja kultuurharidustoo metoodiline keskkabinet, trukikoda "Kommunist", Tallinn, 1953.
7mm heavy machine gun was developed by a team of designers Nikitin, Sokolov and Volkov (Hence the abbreviation NSV) and adopted for service in 1972 with designation NSV 12.
The NSV utilizes a dual-frame sample design consisting of a random-digit dialing sample of noninstitutionalized veterans living in the United States and Puerto Rico with (landline) telephone numbers and a list sample of veterans in the VHA Healthcare enrollment file and the Veterans Benefits Administration Compensation and Pension file.
A recent Cochrane review of 2 randomized controlled trials indicates that the NSV is associated with a significantly lower risk of postoperative hematoma (Odds ratio [OR]: 0.
De acordo com esses resultados, observa-se que os unicos caracteres que apresentaram correlacao estatisticamente significativa foram NVP e P, CV e PCS, NSV e PCS.
Gapin's patients often happen upon NSV by pure chance, simply because that's the method he was taught to perform.
42) NSV is a minimally invasive procedure, which reduces the fear of incision encountered in men and results in significantly fewer complications.
NSV can be used with various methods of blocking the vas, and has been shown to have fewer side effects, although it can be more difficult for surgeons to learn than the traditional approach using a scalpel.
The first entailed the campaign that the NSV unleashed through a series of local assaults to eliminate its competitors by means such as withholding state financial support from religious agencies and, especially in the case of kindergartens, pressuring parents to reject explicitly Protestant ones.
7mm NSV AA HMG and 30mm AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher.
More than 10 kg Lighter than a DShKM, the NSV has been made since the early 1970s in both tank and infantry models.