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NTONotice to Owner
NTONational Training Organisation (UK)
NTONitrogen Tetroxide
NTONHRC (Naval Health Research Center) Travel Office
NTONorthern Orion Resources, Inc (stock symbol)
NTONational Tourism Organization
NTONational Tourist Office (hospitality industry)
NTONowa Trybuna Opolska (Polish: New Opole Tribune)
NTONontraditional Occupation
NTONo Technical Objection (where design authority has no objection to a proposed change)
NTONational Tax Office
NTONon-Testimonial Order (judicial action)
NTONetwork Tasking Order
NTONotice of Timber Operations
NTONevada Test Organization
NTONew Tyneside Orchestra (UK)
NTONetwork Terminal Operator
NTONew Tape-Out (integrated circuit foundry industry)
NTONatural Tapering Off (My Boys TV show)
NTONew Tech Odessa (Odessa, TX)
NTONational Technology Officer
NTONederlandse Thuiswinkel Organisatie (Dutch: Ductch Home Shopping Organization)
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That's why it's so important to gather the job information from the NOC to use on the NTO, said Jennifer Roberts, STS s services manager.
By aggregating data from multiple network access points, the Anue NTO products deliver critical production network traffic to essential monitoring tools and, as a result, give network operators a competitive business advantage.
Be that as it may, Alexander was convinced of the need to try for a NToS and was relieved members endorsed it.
I think the NToS are in our members' best short-term interests but that members' longer-term interests may be compromised.
They wanted a deal acceptable to their members and did not fully understand NZNO members' interests and expectations, even though they did accept that if NZNO members didn't vote in favour, the NToS would fall over.
The proposed NTOS also includes resolution of the long-standing duty authorised officer (DAO) allowance.
NZNO's industrial adviser Glenda Alexander and Auckland-based organiser Mark Lennox were NZNO's advocates in the NTOS negotiations.
But she believes there is no more money--"we got that message very clearly"--and that if NZNO members reject the NTOS in ratification meetings to be held from March 16-26, there is no certainty any better deal would be achieved in separate MECA negotiations.
If our members and the other union members vote in favour of the NTOS approach, then we will start negotiating the NTOS.
If a majority of members from the three unions vote to accept the alternative strategy, the NTOS will then be developed in the Last two weeks of this month.
The NTOS would not address all the issues identified in NZNO's "My MECA Survey" and, because the NTOS would include a limited number of issues, the process of developing it would be much quicker than the usual MECA) negotiations.