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NTSCNational Television System Committee
NTSCNever (Twice) the Same Color
NTSCNational Television Standards Committee (common, but incorrect)
NTSCNaval Training Systems Center
NTSCNational Transmission Standards Committee
NTSCNuclear Transfer Stem Cells
NTSCNaval Training Systems Command
NTSCNT Standards Committee
NTSCNot the Same Color
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In order for NTSC to maintain its separate legal existence from both AHFC and the State, it must maintain its own corporate offices.
As a subsidiary of AHFC, NTSC is a government instrumentality of, but separate and apart from, the State of Alaska (the state).
However, existing panoramic cameras, that 'spread' pixels from the single sensor over an entire semi-sphere, deliver significantly lower video resolution per unit viewing angle than is typical for conventional non-panoramic NTSC and PAL cameras.
Available in multiple languages, WinDVR supports the MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD NTSC, VCD PAL, SVCD NTSC, SVCD PAL, DVD NTSC and DVD PAL formats.