NTSENational Talent Search Examination (India)
NTSENaturalism, Theism and the Scientific Enterprise (interdisciplinary conference)
NTSEWindows NT Server / Enterprise Edition (Microsoft)
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The evaluation process highlighted the ease with which NTSE can be monitored and centrally managed, enabling property management to change any energy management parameter remotely and in real-time.
NTSE is designed as a straightforward system to install, capable of handling a wide variety of different systems.
A resilient, flexible and low-cost energy management platform, NTSE gives property owners and managers the tools to identify and implement energy savings.
Central to the operation of NTSE is the technology's ability to control a room's heating and cooling according to room occupancy, without compromising comfort when guests return to their rooms.
The NTSE system is currently installed at NYU's 26th Street and Alumni residence halls.
Upgrading to the NTSE system provides the University with additional flexibility during student breaks, when the rooms are unoccupied.
Key to the NTSE concept is the ability to use existing Internet/intranet infrastructures, thereby increasing a properties return on investment.
NTSE provides a wide range of essential monitoring and analysis features, giving property management the all-important control over every facet of a building's energy consumption.
NTSE introduces a new approach to intelligent energy management technology, as Telkonet's EVP of Energy Management, Jeff Sobieski, explains, "NTSE takes our proven Telkonet SmartEnergy system to the next level, creating an integrated core network with the control facilities usually associated with high-end building automation systems.
NTSE realizes tangible energy savings by deploying Telkonet Energy Management Occupancy Sensors with smart, programmable Telkonet Energy Management Thermostats, to adjust and maintain a room's temperature according to occupancy, and avoiding any unnecessary heating or cooling of vacant rooms.
With NTSE, facility management have local and remote access to comprehensive management and reporting tools, delivered via the Telkonet CENTRAL Management Platform, which is securely accessible from any web browser.