NTSONon-Traditional Student Organization (various locations)
NTSONational Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (est. 1945; Taiwan)
NTSONew Town Swing Orchestra (Germany)
NTSONew Texas Symphony Orchestra (Dallas, Texas)
NTSONational Television Station Ownership Rule
NTSONevada Test Site Office
NTSONorth Texas Sports Officials
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hand, major broadcast networks urged it to eliminate the NTSO rule,
decision to maintain the NTSO rule in court, where the battle continued
the NTSO rule was "arbitrary and capricious and contrary" to
Therefore, if the FCC's decision to maintain the NTSO rule was
Michael Powell favored the least stringent NTSO rule, the Senate favored
aftermath of the NTSO rule is no exception, for this case study has
Additionally, since the FCC issued its new NTSO rule along
compromise solution was a thirty-nine percent NTSO rule--just enough to
him for relaxing NTSO caps, Powell replied that he had done precisely
percent deal, effectively rewriting the FCC's NTSO rule, did the
The newly issued NTSO rule read, in relevant part, "No