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NTSSNew Town Secondary School (Singapore)
NTSSNational Time-Sensitive System (US DoD)
NTSSNational Tuberculosis Surveillance System (US CDC)
NTSSNetwork Technical Support Specialist
NTSSNear Term Support Strategy
NTSSNetwork Time Synchronization System
NTSSNatural Total Soluble Solids
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First, NTSS does not routinely collect data regarding overseas travel by foreign-born patients since initial U.
This goal was achieved by using the established infrastructure of NTSS and TB genotyping, universally accessible to TB programs through NTGS, to capture 72% of all cases with culture-positive results over a 5-year period.
The net returns of these cropping systems would have to decline by approximately $78/ha ($31/ac) for NTSS to be preferred equally.
The two-day workshop, held under the patronage of HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani, discussed the role of the public and private sectors in the implementation of the NTSS.
The workshop discussed 30 papers pertaining to the NTSS, with different entities involved in the implementation of the strategy making presentations on the progress of action plans as well as monitoring & evaluation (M&E) reports.
The NTSS is aligned with the National Development Plan because Tourism is a labour intensive industry and creates direct jobs.
Second, outcome data were missing for 10% of all patients included in this analysis, and NTSS does not document cause of death for those who died; knowledge of mortality concerning these patients is limited.
Subsequent to the approval of the NTSS, the NDT developed a National Visitor Information Centres Framework (NVICF), and National Tourism Information Gateways Framework (NTIGF) which provide guidelines in the development and support for VICs and NTIGs.
NTSS data were analyzed for reported XDR-TB cases during 1993-2006; a total of 49 cases (3% of evaluable multidrug-resistant [MDR] TB cases) met the revised case definition for XDR TB.
TB cases reported to NTSS from 50 states and the District of Columbia (DC) were analyzed for the period 1993-2006.
The NTSS projecthas been initiated by the European Union for sharing and pooling military capacities of the member states to reduce costs and optimise the efficiency of European Defence capabilities.
In that regard, the NDT together with the tourism sector, aim to encourage the growth of domestic tourism in terms of the NTSS and heritage and cultural tourism become a vital contributor to driving domestic travel in the country.