NTSVNative Title Services Victoria (Australia)
NTSVNonreversed Translocated Saphenous Vein (arterial surgery)
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In addition to that NTSV exerts a major impact on overall statistics, affecting the mode of delivery in subsequent pregnancies and these groups of parturient should achieve vaginal delivery.
This study aims to analyse the factors associated with increasing rate of CS in NTSV at a tertiary care hospital.
The NTSV patients admitted between March 1st, 2014 and June 30th 2014, for labour management and delivery were identified through computer based medical record system.
Table-I: The percentage distribution of variables of NTSV patients for mode of delivery, cases LSCS (N=106) and controls SVDs(N=106).
Table-II: Comparison of spontaneous and C-Section in NTSV deliveries by, maternal and delivery characteristics with adjusted OR.
While maternal age, antenatal booking, having medical or obstetric issues, use of epidural and gender of baby had no association with the MOD in an NTSV pregnancy.
Overall, 3,684 NTSV deliveries and 1,375 deliveries in women with a prior cesarean delivery were included.
The rates of NTSV CD and VBAC among publicly insured women did not change significantly during the study period--the NTSV CD rates were 15.