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NTTNippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
NTTNusa Tenggara Timur (Indonesia province)
NTTNew Technology Telescope
NTTNational Technology Transfer, Inc
NTTName That Tune (TV game show)
NTTNational Tree Trust
NTTNumber Theoretic Transform
NTTNitrogen Tetroxide (rocket fuel)
NTTNo-Test Trunk
NTTNúcleo de Transferência de Tecnologia (Brazil)
NTTNuclear Testing Talks
NTTNoise Tolerance Threshhold
NTTNúcleo Temático de Turismo (Brazil)
NTTNon-Stationary Traffic Train
NTTNew True Talent (film production and acting; Los Angeles, CA)
NTTNon-Traditional Threat
NTTNo Tasks in Training
NTTNew Testament Theology
NTTNational Think Tank (Nigeria)
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The NTT Communications Dubai representative office (established December 2006) and the Warsaw representative office (established April 2007) will transfer their businesses to NTT Europe Ltd.
56 trillion yen--a new record for NTT, and second only to Toyota.
NTT President Junichiro Miyazu has expressed his intention not to lose NTT's controlling stakes in its units, and the timing and the scale of the share sales remain to be seen, the sources said.
The NTT technology would seem to support those contentions.
NTT Electronics is thus providing a powerful tool for the HDTV outdoor broadcasting arena.
NTT DATA is part of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Corporation family of companies that includes, among others, NTT DoCoMo and NTT Communications.
However, at the end of March this year, the MPHPT decided to approve an increase in the interconnection rates charged by NTT East and West by an average of 5 percent.
To maintain its competitive advantage NTT Data will innovate in current markets, as well as branch out to new markets such as China.
NTT DATA INTELLILINK, a leading systems integrator in Japan that partners with NTT DATA and the NTT group companies on enterprise systems support, was an early champion of open source software solutions.
The Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper in March said four NTT group firms--the holding company, NTT Communications, and NTT East and West--would form a joint venture as early as this year to compete in the broadband market.
As NTT Data Intellilink was planning to move office buildings and initiate a critical new development project, the company needed the LAN to deliver higher levels of security.
ADSL-based IP phone services in Japan still depend on NTT phone lines for the "last mile"--the distance from the nearest NTT connection point to the phone--and subscribers still pay the same NTT monthly basic connection fees of between 1,500 yen and 2,500 yen for home phones and slightly more for office phones.