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NTTPNational Trails Training Partnership (est. 1988; Redding, CA)
NTTPNavy Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
NTTPNumerical Tokamak Turbulence Project
NTTPNational Traffic and Transport Plan (Netherlands)
NTTPNetwork Test and Termination Point (British Telecom)
NTTPNo Tenderness to Percussion (dentistry)
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NTTP is divided into three detailed segments: Team Solutions, Solutions for Wellness Group Program and the Abnormal Involuntary Movements Scale.
Though Hensley did not use the NTTP program herself, she currently uses the program to maintain her weight loss and includes it in her work counseling other people with SPMI.
Everest's in-building Intelligent Service Node aggregates applications, encompasses satellite and wire-line transport, local storage, caching of HTTP and NTTP traffic, content and application delivery, highly granular user profile management and statistics gathering for per-user QoS and service allocation management.