NTTRNorth Texas Trail Runners
NTTRNevada Test & Training Range (Nellis AFB, NV, USA)
NTTRNontactical Telecommunications Requirement
NTTRNevada Truck and Trailer Repair Co. (Las Vegas, NV)
NTTRNew Tools for Teaching and Research (Princeton University; Princeton, NJ)
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The range is so huge, and parts of it are so remote, that some of the 800 contractors who work for the NTTR live and work exclusively on its 2.
So, Red Flag Airmen must work with the unique resources available on the NTTR to model those threats and ensure that real-world attacks do not come as a surprise to participants later in their careers.
Neither does the NTTR offer a realistic low-altitude threat.
To meet the growing demand from foreigners for comfortable communication in Japan, NTTR provides the EC site to create a better environment and to serve the visitors from overseas.