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NUBNewbie (slang/gaming)
NUBNone of Your Business
NUBNotice of Unpaid Balance (New Jersey)
NUBNecrotic United Brothers (gaming clan)
NUBNorthern University of Bangladesh
NUBNasty Unreal Butchaz (German gaming clan)
NUBNational Unification Board (South Korea)
NUBNonuseful Body
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The Series 1600 Mesh Nub Top belt design features fully sculpted and radius corners; there are no pockets or sharp corners to catch and hold debris.
Peter relates a vision with eating at its nub, in which he is instructed to "kill and eat" animals excluded by the Torah, because "what God has made clean, you must not call profane" (vv.
He seems to cut right to the nub of every programme he watches and sums it up insightfully.
Our work is developed through key design stages by hand drawing-which we can comfortably prepare quickly to cuttingly reveal the nub of the issue.
The series 350 clamps also feature a small handle nub, providing high flexibility in positioning to help avoid potential clearance issues, while series 353 and 359 are equipped with an ergonomic handle.
She said:'I'd been warned there would be some swelling and bruising but I'd paid pounds 2500 and my nose had been transformed into a shapeless nub.
At the nub of the latest strike ballot lies the Government's clearly stated intention to modernise the fire service by stripping away what are, as Ministers would have it, outdated and costly working practices.
Also new at IFFA 2004 was the Series 1600 Nub Top Belt.
They have resolved most of the issues related to the Nub Mountains and Southern Blue Nile, and both sides believe that the remaining questions on those two areas will be satisfactorily addressed.
With inventories "worn down to a nub," demand for warehouse space is expected to be strong for the short term as inventories get rebuilt to normal levels.
Nub of the matter is that South African construction companies have begun ditching asbestos in favour of a cellulose substitute.