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NUCNeutral Unit of Construction (airfare)
NUCNetwork Unlock Code (cell phones)
NUCNailed-Up Connection (Nortel)
NUCNo Use Crying
NUCNational Underclassman Combine
NUCNon-Uniformity Calibration (measurement process)
NUCnon-unit-related cargo (US DoD)
NUCNeutral Unit Currency (airfare)
NUCNailed-Up Circuit
NUCNational Union of Congress (GB Trade Union body)
NUCNavajo Uranium Company
NUCNazarene University College (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
NUCNational Unification Council (Taiwan, China)
NUCNumber of Users per Cell
NUCNot Under Command
NUCNational Union Catalog
NUCNaval Undersea Center
NUCNavy Unit Commendation
NUCNon-Uniformity Correction
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Those investments are the reason why Legacy Electronics continues to be the industry leader in providing Intel NUC platform customers with a comprehensive line of reliable, fully functional and compatible memory solutions for every NUC platform that Intel introduces.
Intel makes the NUC in models with different CPUs varying from entry-level Celerons up to the more powerful Core i7.
NUC face a number of challenges mainly because agricultural research and policy makers have paid little attention to these species resulting in the creation of major gaps in our knowledge and capacity to conserve and improve them.
Other important factors determining the need for therapy and type of therapy include patient's age and race, potential future pregnancies in females, family history of HCC, co-factors (alcohol, iron overload and viral co-infection) and anticipated compliance with potentially lifelong NUC therapy.
In any accreditation process, the inspecting panel would report its findings to a national committee or NUC, who having gone through all necessary steps would accredit, provisionally accredit, or refuse to accredit the programme (Andrew Nafalski et al 2001).
Again, in a situation where university libraries have fixed funding from the NUC, it is best to bear in mind that, a fixed budget in inflationary times diminishes in real terms.
48) Later, NUC at NYU began "a campaign to open classrooms to all who want[ed] to attend," inviting "members of the community, meaning lower-class high school students, dropouts and workers .
On the other hand, it is clear that a European united catalog of at least the sixteenth century is vast and close to impossible: many hundreds of thousands of titles in hundreds of libraries should be included, and there should be a uniform description (which does not exist in NUC and CERL) that is rather in-depth to provide a reliable identification of any copy (this is missing in Index Aureliensis).
Using an Intel[R] Core[TM] i3 processor on a 4-by-4-inch motherboard, the NUC is surprisingly small in size and an ideal engine for digital signage, kiosks, home theater systems and intelligent devices for small spaces.
Companies manufacturing HDPE and profiled in this report include ExxonMobil, SABIC, Chevron Phillips Chemical, LyondellBasell, NUC Corporation, INEOS, Dow, Shell, Hanwha, LOTTE CHEMICAL, Eni, LG Chem, Tosoh Corporation, Qatar Petrochemical Company, Borealis, NOVA Chemicals, Kazanorgsintez, Jam Petrochemical Company, Prime Polymer, USI, Formosa, PetroChina Company, SCG Chemicals, Sinopec and Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Company.
According to Sowole (1995), NUC stipulated that 8 percent of each university's recurrent expenditure be allocated to the library.
As a by-product of shared cataloging, whether through LC card sets, the printed NUC or, later, MARC records, libraries preferred to wait for LC records rather than to catalog an item originally themselves or to use the original cataloging of a non-LC library.