NUCCNational Uniform Claim Committee
NUCCNorwich University Corps of Cadets
NUCCNordic University Computer Club
NUCCNottingham University Caving Club (UK)
NUCCNon-Uniform Cluster Computing
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45) But, regardless of the actual probability of Lane's Snake Mountain Mine actually being grandfathered, the mere possibility of this was enough to concern the members of NUCC and CALM and the other intervenors, (46) who sought to block every conceivable avenue that Lane could take to open (or, as Lane would have it, re-open) the Snake Mountain Mine.
63) Members of NUCC and CALM, and the other intervenors, were probably most concerned that the issuance of a permit from NYSDEC would give the proposed mine a degree of legitimacy, thereby increasing the chance that Lane would receive the relevant permits from the Nassau Town Zoning Board.
72) When the members of NUCC and CALM and other opponents of the mine found the Town Board less receptive than expected, the citizens persevered and solved their problem creatively.
4-3830-00046/00001-0) [hereinafter NUCC Post-Hearing Brief] (summarizing the procedural posture of the case and explaining that Lane had filed an application "for a Mined Land Reclamation Permit and other related permits to operate a 119-acre hard rock surface mine for 100-150 years on its property in Brainard, New York").
Henrickson objected to being consolidated with NUCC, this was done because his views were similar to NUCC's.
Parties opposing the mine included NUCC, Citizens Against Lane Mine (CALM), the Rensselaer County Environmental Management Council (RCEMC), the Town of Nassau, the Town of Chatham (from neighboring Columbia County), the New Lebanon Central School District Board of Education, Robert Henrickson, and Alice and Leonard Impastato.