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NUENitrogen Use Efficiency
NUENational Ultra Endurance (race)
NUENotice of Unusual Event (nuclear power)
NUENuremberg, Germany - Nuremberg (Airport Code)
NUENational Union of Educators
NUENational Union Electric (consumer electronic products)
NUENon-Upset Ends (piping)
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A European Nitrogen Expert Panel recently suggested using a NUE indicator in a two-dimensional framework of N output over N input that combines the different indicators (EU Nitrogen Expert Panel 2015; Fig.
The use of slow release urea fertilizer such as POCU could maintain high grain yield and grower's income, increase NUE and decrease N losses in such rice-rice cropping systems in southern China.
These results led towards the conclusion that N application @50 kg ha-1under moisture stress either in July or September causes higher root:shoot ratio in cotton genotypes and highest NUE in these genotypes can be achieved by imposing moisture stress at vegetative growth stage in September (by skipping one irrigation)coupled with 50 kg N ha-1.
This vision is driving Audience's development of NUE technology, delivered in the form of Multisensory processors and software," said Peter Santos, President and CEO, Audience.
Arcadia also noted that rice is a "compelling crop for NUE technology because of its importance as a staple food crop for a large percentage of the global population.
Several studies showed improved NUE in modern wheat cultivars (Austin et al.
4+] form for extended periods and reduces the risks of reduced NUE through enhanced N uptake and yield (Parr et al.
We collected literature data (Appendix) on NUE and other selected components, on litter decomposition (using the negative exponential decomposition model of Olson [1963]), and on nutrient mineralization.
For each cropping system the NUE was calculated as NUE = [(total N uptake by crop (aboveground + underground) / total N available in the 0 to 0.
Arcadia's NUE and WUE technologies aim to increase yields while reducing resource inputs and their associated environmental consequences.
The mechanisms regulating these processes are complex, but it is vital that they should be well understood to improve NUE in plants (Kant et al.
Satellite Broadcasting, NUE TV's chairman and CEO, Robert Townsend, former head of Bell Atlantic's video-on-demand "Stargazer" project, and entertainment mogul Quincy Jones are all board members of NUE TV.