NUEWNational Union of Eritrean Women
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She also outlined the progress of the training centers being constructed in various corners of the country by Union members in different states abroad, and called for the mounting of stepped-up endeavors targeting youths with a view to reinforcing the NUEW.
Fatina Ali-Nor, head of social service in the NUEW branch in Gash-Barka, stated that such seminars are vital as regards raising women s all-round awareness, besides improving their socio-economic condition.
Leul Gebreab, Chairperson of NUEW, indicated that the initiative being taken by the members of NUEW in the Central region is continuation of the efforts by the Eritrean women to ensure all rounded development of the country standing alongside members of the EDF.
Teke a Tesfamichael, Chairperson of NUEW in the Central region, on her part expressed satisfaction for spending the day with members of the EDF, and that the initiative has been a sign of gesture of good intent for standing alongside them in their efforts to ensure national sovereignty and nation building.
Amanuel Hadgu noted that the initiative being taken by the members of NUEW in the Central region attests the respect of Eritrean women have on members of their Defense Forces, and that it has a deep meaning.
Both committees are composed of members from regional/sub-regional administration, branch/sub-branch ministry of Agriculture, members of the NUEW and members of the target community.
NUEW members residing in the city of Houston are engaged in extensive preparations for the 22nd national Independence Day anniversary celebrations.
Letekidan Woldegabir, head of the NUEW branch in the sub-zone, and Capt.
Rishan Kidane from the Agriculture Ministry s branch in Serejeqa sub-zone pointed out that the program is being implemented in collaboration with the NUEW with a view to ensuring extensive adoption of the smokeless stove, and that around 7,000 families have already become its beneficiaries.
Azeb Mehari from the Agriculture Ministry s branch in Berikh sub-zone disclosed that 80% of the venture has been fulfilled in the locality, and lauded the active role of the NUEW and Area administrators in the process.
The introduction of energy-conserving stove Adhanet has made impressive impact in promoting the wellbeing of women in Alebu and Enjihai Administrative areas, Gash-Barka region in line with the endeavors being exerted by the NUEW and stakeholders, reports indicated.