NUFNational Urban Fellows (leadership development organization)
NUFNational United Front
NUFNational Undergraduate Fellowship (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory; Princeton, NJ)
NUFNational Unitarian Fellowship (UK)
NUFNo Flow Underfill (semiconductor processing)
NUFNon-Use of Force
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After pro-liberation activities started in mid-20th century, both SNL and USP wanted to unite with Italian Somalia -- a territory under UN trusteeship -- while NUF was pro-independence of Somaliland.
The NUF Fellowship program is a rigorous 14-month full-time graduate program comprised of two semesters of academic course work and a nine-month mentorship assignment.
UPS contended that NUF earned the EVCs as insurance premium income, that OPL earned reinsurance premium income, and, therefore, that the EVCs did not constitute income taxable to UPS.
CHICAGO -- Nuveen Investments, a leading global provider of investment services to institutions and high-net-worth investors, today announced that four Nuveen closed-end funds, NWF, NFL, NQF and NUF, declared final distributions in advance of their scheduled October 16thmerger.
For the first research building (8 600 m2 NUF 1-6) with a cost cap of 61 000 000 (net, KG 200-600) and the first teaching building (6 400 m2 NUF 1-6) with a cost cap of 32 000 000 (net, KG 200-600), the technical planning is to be assigned in the performance picture for laboratory equipment.
NEW YORK -- Western Investment LLC expressed its concern today on the recent adjournment of the Special Meetings of NUF, NQF, NWF and NFL (the "Florida Funds") called by the Florida Funds for shareholders to vote on the proposed reorganization of the Florida Funds into other funds managed by Nuveen Asset Management ("Nuveen").
Based on the master plan developed for the site, an important component of the first construction phase is now being planned: Building A with mixed uses on around 7,370 sqm NUF including a parking garage with approx.
Based on the developed master plan, an important component of the first construction phase is to be planned: the lecture hall center on approximately 3 340 sqm NUF.
NASDAQ: NTCT), the industry pacesetter for advanced network and service assurance solutions, the sixth annual NUF brought together a record number of NetScout nGenius System power users as well as brand new customers and strategic partners for a week of training, best practices, product road map discussions, networking and opportunities to collaborate with NetScout engineers and executives.
It is currently being leveraged to develop agenda ideas for our upcoming NUF Conference.
A recent customer survey revealed the nGenius([R]) Performance Management System has cut network performance problem diagnosis times by nearly 70 percent, and at the NUF Conference 2007 customers will have ample opportunities to learn how to reduce Mean Time To Restore (MTTR) even further.
NetScout aims to help cut through the chaos with our new Application Fabric Performance Management architecture and by collaborating at NUF with the best and the brightest managers of business networks.