NUGANetwork Users Group of Anchorage (Alaska)
NUGANetwork Users Group Alaska
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At the Obafemi Awolowo University Staff Club, the BSCAC Swange troupe performed after the closing ceremony of NUGA 2014 and most colleagues who I am a Tiv person came giving complements to the wonderful Swange dance they watched.
She expressed gratitude to Diamond Bank for the opportunity to make money while the NUGA Games last.
Victor Nwagwu, who doubles as co-ordinator for the Diamond Center at the NUGA Games, In just two hours that we started operations here at the NUGA, we have recorded over a hundred accounts opened and funded and more are expected before the close of work as many of the students are making efforts to conclude with the account opening requirements.
Gillamac said they applied and were granted 11 search warrants to look for firearms and drugs in the three houses in Barangay Nalhub and Jolomaynon in Dalaguete, Nugas in Alcoy and in Bolojoon.
The acquisition of NuGas Limited was approved by the NuGas shareholders at a meeting held on September 15, 1997.
NuGas Limited announced today that the Director appointed under the Canada Business Corporations Act has issued a Certificate of Arrangement dated September 16, 1997, giving effect to the plan of arrangement ("The Arrangement") involving NuGas Limited, its securityholders, Q Energy Limited and Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited.
NuGas Limited announced today that the proposed plan of arrangement (the "Arrangement") involving NuGas, its securityholders, Q Energy Limited and Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited was submitted to the securityholders of NuGas for approval at a special meeting held at 10:30 a.
This was due to non-recurring charges in the second quarter of $220,346 which were the result of an asset write-down by NuGas and the loss on the sale of the Company's properties at Dodsland.
NuGas Limited today announced its financial and operating results for the six months ending June 30, 1997.
The earlier announced acquisition of NuGas Limited is proceeding well.
Windsor Energy Corporation (TSE:WNS), is pleased to announce that NuGas Limited, a corporation in which Windsor has a major investment, has agreed to enter into a Plan of Arrangement with Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited.
NuGas Limited announced today that it has agreed to enter into a plan of arragement with Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited, subject to obtaining all necessary regulatory and shareholder approvals.