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NUINational University of Ireland
NUINatural User Interface
NUINetwork User Identification
NUINetwork User Interface
NUINetWare Users International (Novell NetWare)
NUINormally Unattended Installation
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Individuals interested in securing a copy of the prospectus, which will be forwarded when available, should contact the Office of the Corporate Secretary at NUI Corporation, 550 Route 202-206, P.
Air New Zealand's new code-share arrangement with Air Tahiti Nui, which is subject to approval by the respective governments, will offer North Americans a better spread of non-stop services to and from the Pacific.
NUI Corporation, based in Bedminster, is an exempt public utility holding company engaged in the distribution of natural gas to approximately 316,000 customers through its principal operating divisions, Elizabethtown Gas Company in New Jersey and City Gas Company of Florida.
24, AGL Resources completed its public offering of 11,040,000 shares of its common stock, raising approximately $332 million to purchase the outstanding capital stock of NUI and to fund other projects.
In commenting on the acquisition of another gas utility by NUI, Mr.
AGL Resources announced its plans to acquire the financially troubled NUI in July of this year.
Drawing upon the gas purchasing expertise of NUI's consolidated gas supply operations has enabled us to restore supply levels required to meet the needs of all our customers within 36 hours of the reported curtailments," said John Kean, president & CEO of NUI.
In addition, NUI has closed down and/or divested most remaining nonregulated businesses and effectively resolved significant regulatory and legal investigations faced by the company, including the BPU Focused Audit and investigation of NUI Energy Brokers by the New Jersey Attorney General.
NUI) CO: NUI Corporation ST: New Jersey IN: UTI SU: SM-AH -- NY065 -- 7077 03/10/92 17:08 EST
From a financial perspective, once the SEC approves the transaction and closing occurs, AGL Resources will pay all NUI shareholders of record $13.
Smith, 41, has been named chief accounting officer of NUI Corporation (NYSE: NUI), the company announced today.