NUKONanaimo Unique Kids Organization (Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada)
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stock, NUKO shareholders will receive one share of Coyote common stock
Directors of both companies, NUKO stockholders, and to other customary
NUKO has approximately a 30% beneficial ownership in Internext.
Also last month, NUKO announced it has received orders in excess of $4.
We believe NUKO is positioned directly in the middle of this inevitable eventuality.
NUKO already is strategically aligned with many of the world's leading companies in this emerging market.
With substantial private financing in place, plus significant orders last month from two major telcos, as well as the addition of three very experienced and highly qualified executives to our management team, NUKO now is well-positioned to move out of its development stage and begin seizing the enormous opportunity ahead of it.
NUKO employs some of the most advanced technology available today, incorporating an open-systems, standards-based MPEG-2 methodology that enables users to digitally encode, compress, transmit, decompress and decode data for rapid and economical communication between a source and multiple end-user locations.
Specifically, the OSU SNAC will permit the NUKO video signal to be transmitted in ATM format over Pacific Bell's SONET network.
Digital Equipment Corporation provides integration support to NUKO.
703-506-5038; or Bob Kesav of NUKO Information Systems, Inc.