NUMONuclear Waste Management of Japan (est. 2000)
NUMONational Undeliverable Mail Office (Canada)
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Now facing the accelerated shutdown of some reactors post-Fukushima, NUMO in May ditched the idea of waiting for a volunteer.
Established in 2000, NUMO builds and manages dump sites for high-level radioactive waste -- residues from spent nuclear fuel taken from nuclear reactors.
In the meeting, Sawayama thanked the governor for asking the central government and NUMO to respect the will of voters.
Since 2002, NUMO has been asking municipal governments to indicate their willingness to accommodate the final disposal facilities.
The central government also effectively dismissed the head of NUMO in late June to make way for faster progress, in a bid to compensate for the body's failure to produce results.
This reborn NUMO must work closely with the government to deepen public understanding of the disposal issue and make progress in selecting sites to host these facilities.
NUMO recently submitted a proposal to a government-commissioned panel of experts which proposed new methods for choosing locations for burying radioactive nuclear waste.