NUMSANational Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa)
NUMSANational Union of Metalworkers of South Africa
NUMSANational Union of Mineworkers of South Africa
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0 percent the year after that, but NUMSA Secretary General Irvin Jim dismissed the offer and threatened to drag in 100,000 NUMSA members in other sectors not on strike.
Johannesburg: South African trade union NUMSA said it had reached a deal to end a four-week strike in the auto components sector that has crippled production.
Our starting point as NUMSA is that to effect an energy transition, we as the global union movement do need a perspective to guide us as well as strategies to be utilized by the movement.
As NUMSA we are worried about what we are witnessing where workers in different countries are lining on different sides of the barricades, with national unions lining up with their governments and corporate entities.
We'll also continue to work closely with NUMSA to ensure there is total alignment and commitment to deliver the cost competitiveness and world-class quality and safety standards that have attracted this investment.
Also cf NUMSA obo Joseph and Hill Side Aluminium (2004) 25 ILJ 2264 (BCA).
Even in the bulk of unionized workplaces where large scale retrenchments had taken place, NUMSA managed to retain a significant shop floor presence, facilitating the subsequent expansion into hitherto unorganized categories of work, above all into the higher job bands.
Nation-wide surveys of COSATU members have indicated that SACTWU has a far less deeply entrenched tradition of organizational militancy and effectiveness than NUM and NUMSA making it rather more difficult to recover from any numerical setbacks.
NUMSA, known since its 1987 formation and its participation in the anti-apartheid movement as one of South Africa's most militant unions, had agreed to all of these changes without once giving the workers an opportunity to vote them up or down.
NUMSA said "cheaply exploited" workers in petrol stations, components, automotive retail, panel-beaters, car and spare parts, fitment workshops, truck body and trailer builders and dealerships will participate in the the strike, slated for next Monday.