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NUPNational Urban Park (various locations)
NUPNeapolis University Pafos (Pafos, Cyprus)
NUPNet Utility Plant
NUPNational Union of Pensioners
NUPNorthside Urban Pathways (education; PIttsburgh, PA)
NUPNo Update
NUPNational Unity Party
NUPNon-Unit-Related Personnel (US DoD)
NUPNecrotizing Ulcerative Periodontitis (oral condition)
NUPNamed User Plus (application licensing)
NUPNeînceperea Urmaririi Penale (Romanian: not pressing legal charges)
NUPNew User Password
NUPNew Untitled Page (website)
NUPNon-Unitary Pre-Coder
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Al-Fadil, who is al-Mahdi's cousin, defected from the NUP in 2002 and formed the Umma Reform and Renewal Party (URRP).
NUP deputy chairman Fadlallah Burma Nasir told reporters his party will organize a mass rally to commemorate the country's 60th independence anniversary on January 26 where they indented to launch the new campaign.
Hassan said that the NUP had asked the African mediation to increase the number of political parties to be invited to the preparatory meeting , which, he said, will pave the way for comprehensive dialogue.
Attempts by the ruling party to impose its will- power on the preparatory meeting can spoil all chances of finding a solution for the country's crisis through dialogue as stipulated in resolution 539 of the African Security and Peace Council," said the statement, signed for the NUP by its deputy chairman Fadlallah Burma Nasir and for the RNM by its leading figure Hassan Osman Rizig.
An NUP figure named Abdul-Jalil al-Basha told reporters that similar efforts stumbled in the past due to non-compliance of NUP leader with decisions of the NUP Central Commission on reunification and his rejection of all initiatives presented.
It is noteworthy that the opposition "Sudan Call" forces include the rebel umbrella Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), NUP, National Consensus Forces (NCF) and the civil society organizations.
On Wednesday, the NUP leader, al-Sadiq al-Mahdi said the dialogue should begin outside the country with international guarantees and can then be moved inside the country after setting a meticulous roadmap, allowing the regime to participate in the dialogue without controlling it.
The security forces tried to obstruct a meeting in the NUP premises in Omdurman after the protest and prevented the delivery of chairs.
As with NUP, for example, Curbstone publishes a lot of Slavic literature.
Commenting on the call for self-determination by the SPLM-N Nuba Mountains Liberation Council before the extraordinary general conference last October, NUP leader Sadiq al-Mahdi termed as "unfortunate" such a move.
The contract is for the supply of licenses for 20 NUP OBIEE, ODI for BI for 20 NUP, migration 7 licenses to IAS 7 licenses WLS (Processor License), the migration of GBS 17 licenses to 12 licenses Odie (Processor License).
He said members of the NUP, which had 2,000 candidates running in the general elections, were leaning toward taking Puno's cue and supporting Binay.