NUPGENational Union of Public and General Employees (Canada)
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Today it is the large multi sector unions in the private sector, such as CEP, CAW, USWA, and UFCW, and mega public sector unions such as PSAC, CUPE and NUPGE, which have the financial resources and the organizational structures that enable them to set the direction for the labour movement.
Likewise, Hassan Yussuff of the CAW won a resounding victory over NUPGE President James Clancy for the position of secretary-treasurer.
The Canadian public sector unions have leaped by bounds, especially with the growth of CUPE and the inclusion of the provincial public-sector unions as part of NUPGE.
Also, with the exception of the NUPGE dissent on the dues increase, there was a consensus of the leadership of the large affiliates on all of the major issues.
CUPE and NUPGE, the other two major public sector unions are also directly threatened by the budget.