NUVINew and Under-Utilized Vaccines Implementation (World Health Organization)
NUVINear Ultraviolet Imager
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We believe that NUVI is a groundbreaking innovation in providing fluid operational integration of social media data and analytics," says Daniel Conner, CEO at Struck.
NUVI is an innovative tool for not only viewing and analyzing social media trends and conversations, but for influencing and directing them.
Born out of the work completed at Struck on Gatorade's "Mission Control," a special project that enabled the sports drink maker to monitor conversations and interact with customers on social networks much more efficiently, NUVI has now emerged as an innovative tool using the latest web technologies for real-time data visualization and text analytics.
With NUVI, the wealth of social media information is provided through highly searchable and intuitive visual dashboards that enable companies to quickly and easily monitor, compare, analyze, influence, engage with, and act on all ongoing social conversations about their brands.
Besides allowing clients to identify and participate in the most impactful discussions in real time, NUVI adapts itself equally well to a web-enabled mobile device or a big screen command center, giving users a high degree of portability and flexibility.
A press release on Business Wire or other breaking news event often starts critical conversations, and NUVI allows our clients to easily track, respond, engage and influence those conversations.
Spun out of creative agency Struck in 2011, NUVI is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for innovative and socially intelligent organizations.
When driving, travelers with nuvi 2360LT and other compatible nuvis can tap into ecoRoute HD, an easy-to-install device that transforms nuvi into a real-time diagnostic computer.