NUVMCNational Ultraviolet Monitoring Center (University of Georgia)
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These included two Brewer Spectrophotometers, (1) Model MKIV, serial numbers 101 and 114, operated by the participants from NUVMC at the University of Georgia, which manage the EPA LIV Network; a UV Spectroradiometer developed and operated by participants from NIST; a Biospherical Instruments SUV-150 Ultraviolet Spectroradiometer, serial number 11-002, operated by participants from Biospherical Instruments which administer the NSF network; a Smithsonian SR-18 Ultraviolet Scanning Radiometer operated by participants from SERC with 18 defined filter wavelengths, serial number UI; and a prototype U-1000 Spectroradiome ter developed and operated by participants from ASRC at SUNY for the USDA UV Network.