NVACNational Vaccine Advisory Committee
NVACNational Visualization and Analytics Center (US DHS; Richland, WA)
NVACNational Visual Analytics Center (DHS)
NVACNepean Visual Arts Centre (Nepean, Ontario, Canada)
NVACNational Vendor Access Center (Sprint)
NVACNational Veterans' Advisory Committee (Returned & Services League of Australia)
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Members of NVAC who spoke at today's meeting said they envisioned some sort of standing federal flu vaccine monitoring group that meets less frequently than every other week as they did for the pandemic H1N1 vaccine but more often than at the end of a flu season to issue a safety wrap-up report.
The NVAC voted that oseltamivir should be the primary drug stockpiled for a flu pandemic, with zanamivir stockpiled as a backup.
NVAC members also voted to accept the recommendation of the antiviral subgroup on the approximate numbers of drug courses needed for priority target groups including hospitalized patients, health care workers with direct patient contact, pandemic health responders, public safety officials, and government decision makers.
NVAC will convene an interdisciplinary team of experts to create a science and technology roadmap for visual analytics, engaging industry, universities, and other national laboratories.
The NVAC has overall responsibility for the National Vaccine Plan, but has not effectively addressed the question of how to set R&D targets.
In 2009, NVAC reviewed the federal vaccine research agenda and NVIC supported creating a robust national vaccine safety research agenda, including a study comparing health outcomes in highly vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.
Those standards are intended to lay a framework for the development of IIS through 2017, and supersede the minimum functional standards for registries adopted by NVAC in 2001.
Helms, NVAC Chairman, letter to HHS Acting Assistant Secretary for Health Cristina V.
The NVAC anticipates the availability of 50-60 million doses of the inactivated influenza vaccine from Sanofi Pasteur and 3 million doses of the live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV or FluMist) from Medimmune Inc.
The NVAC further stated that the "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) should pursue immediately further study to completely characterize start-up and maintenance costs of registries and compare these to costs of alternative systems" (National Vaccine Advisory Committee 1999, p.
Each year, CDC collects IISAR information on the percentage of grantees meeting 12 NVAC functional standards for IIS (4,5).
During the 2-hour meeting, NVAC members approved two recommendations that will be passed along to the assistant secretary for health for review.